Been a Programmer All My Life

I've been a computer programmer all my life. Started off as a hobby when I was a kid, became a passion as I got older, then evolved into my professional career. Constants like programming are great, but I've enjoyed how technology has changed over the years. Changed me right along with it!

Figuring out a few new technologies suddenly enabled me to do something awesome. Offer fun, custom-made t-shirts. All of that hard-earned knowledge is poured into what you see for sale here. 

Suddenly I get the chance to share my love for all things programming, my respect for design, and my dedication to a fantastic user experience. All the same things you dig too!

Putting up a store, and creating this line of graphic tees, is my idea of inviting you along for the ride. Find a shirt that represents you and have fun wearing it! Let's do something awesome together.


Contact Me

Hit me up when you discover something here that tickles your fancy. Send a tweet, post a picture, or write a message on one of these social sites. Let me know how you feel:

If there's something missing from our selection be sure to tell me that too! So far this is a one-man show, and I promise to get back to you as fast as I can.

Much Repsect